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Corporate venturing (or "trade investment") is the investment by companies in other companies through a fund. Sometimes the fund is independent of the parent company, and sometimes a relationship is formed between the parent company and the company which is funded. Commonly the fund may seek to invest in sub-sector specific areas (such as therapeutic focus) which are of interest to the parent company, which may be interesting to the parent company in terms of future licensing potential.

In this section, only Corporate Venture funds which invest in the broad life sciences sector are listed, including those with a biotechnology and healthcare focus.

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Corporate venture funds for biotechnology companies seeking investment Edit

GenenFUND is Genentech's Venture arm which specialises in investing in early-stage companies with compelling technologies and/or drug candidates that are too early for licensing deals. GenenFUND was established in 2002, and is operated by Genentech's business development team.

Amgen Ventures was established in 2004 with $100m in capital for strategic investments in early-stage biotechnology companies focused on discovering and developing human therapeutics, especially in those areas of most interest to Amgen (Oncology, Inflammation, Hematology/Nephrology, Metabolic Disorders, Neuroscience and Cardiovascular), while the fund also considers important technology breakthroughs that may offer the chance of advancing the creation of human therapeutics. Typically invests $1-3m often owning less than 15%.

SR-One is GlaxoSmithKline’s independent corporate healthcare venture capital fund, which since its foundation in 1985 has invested over $500m in the biotech space. SR-one is based both in the US and the EU (UK). Its invests globally in emerging biotech companies that are focused on drug discovery, development or delivery and have the potential to make products that will have a dramatic benefit to patients. Portfolio includes more than 30 private and public companies.

Biogen Idec New Ventures was established in 2004 with $100m in capital for strategic investments, focusing on human therapeutics and drug discovery platform technologies. Typically invests $1-5m and participates in follow ons.

Novartis Venture Fund was formed in 2001 by the integration of the 1997 Novartis Venture Fund (100m Swiss Francs) and the $100m US-focussed BioVenture Fund which has been established in 2000. High performing life Science fund with successes including KuDOS, Syrrx, SR Pharma, Gene Data AG, and Kinetix, and over 130 investments to date. After nine years in existence in 2005, the Fund is progressed into the steady state of an evergreen fund, with positive exits has exceeding new investments.

MedImmune Ventures is the VC subsidiary of MedImmune, and was created in 2002 to leverage the company's expertise in discovering, developing and commercializing biotechnology products, as well as its financial resources, to transform new ideas in biotechnology into successful products and companies. Invests in early- to late-stage, public or private biotechnology companies focused on discovering and developing human therapeutics, primarily in areas of strategic interest to MedImmune (including infectious diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases). The fund was seeded with an initial $100 million in 2002 and allocated an additional $100 million in February 2005, investing up to $20 million per company with an average investment of about $7 million.

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation was first organized in 1973, JJDC is the venture capital subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. JJDC makes private equity investments in venture funded health care companies. Portfolio companies include those in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics and consumer products. JJDC also leads and manages internal investments in selected promising technologies. Invests up to $5 million depending on the stage of the company and the size of the round.

Takeda Research Investment, Inc. (TRI) is the corporate venture arm of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TPC)

Unilever Ventures provides venture capital funding and management skills to start-up businesses, and expansion capital to companies looking to accelerate growth. Focusses on consumer-facing and technology-based businesses across Europe. We are backed by Unilever, one of the largest and most successful consumer goods companies in the world.

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