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You might also find Sequence retrieval useful if you already know something about the gene sequence you are looking for, for example, an accession number, idenifier or name. You can use some of these tools to find homologs of genes and their protein products in a number of species, based on the sequence of a gene or protein of your model species.

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Fasta3 Fasta
ScanPS 2.3 BIC
iPROCLASS Site2genome
Trace Search InstaSeq - A Google powered bioinformatics search tool
FeatureScan: revealing sequence similarity

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Fasta3 Rapidly compares a protein sequence to a protein database, or a DNA sequence to a DNA library. Provides sequence similarity and homology searching against nucleotide and protein databases using the Fasta programs. Fasta can be very specific when identifying long regions of low similarity especially for highly diverged sequences. You can also conduct sequence similarity and homology searching against complete proteome or genome databases using the Fasta programs.<pubmed argument="Fasta3">3162770,2156132</pubmed>

Fasta FASTA Search BLAST. FASTA KEGG2. Enter query sequence: (in one of the three forms) Sequence ID (Example) mja:MJ1041 Local file name Sequence data Select program and database: FASTA (prot query vs prot db) KEGG GENES Favorite organisms KEGG ...

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ScanPS 2.3 SCANPS (Scan Protein Sequence) is a program for comparing a protein sequence to a database of protein sequences. SCANPS implements the full Smith-Waterman style searching and is capable of identifying multiple domain matches by using iterative profile searching.

BIC GenWeb Login Copyright © 1994-1998 Compugen Inc. GenWeb Login Copyright © 1994-1998 Compugen Inc.

RPS-blast Search the Conserved Domain Database using RPS-BLAST.

SSAHA Tool for rapid search of large DNA and protein databases - 1000 times faster than BLAST.

iPROCLASS Text Search: Home. About PIR. Databases. Search/Retrieval. Download. Support. HOME. / Databases. / iProClass iProClass Tutorial. The iProClass database provides value-added information reports for UniProtKB. and unique UniParc proteins, ...

Site2genome Locating short DNA sequences in whole genomes. Many biological papers describe short, functional DNA sites without specifying their exact positions in the genome. We have developed a Web server that automates the tedious task of locating such sites in eukaryotic genomes, thus giving access to the context of rich annotations that are increasingly available for genome sequences.

Trace Search Existing ticket id FASTA Query Sequence(s). Paste a sequence below Or upload a file. Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 23270. Acidobacteria bacterium Ellin345. Acidothermus cellulolyticus 11B. Acidovorax avenae ...

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InstaSeq - A Google powered bioinformatics search tool The Web SEQUEROME. for detailed analysis Got the results you needed! Help spread the word..   About InstaSeq.   Search Performance.  FAQs.  Support InstaSeq.  Web-Links.  Live Conference.. Contact. Developed by Nick Bennett and ...

FeatureScan: revealing sequence similarity Searching for DNA sequence similarity by comparing physico-chemical properties of the DNA.

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